The Future of Parenting – Raising the Kids 30 Years from Now

Science and technology have been very generous to us but at the same time, they have brought challenges to raising the kids in a manner facilitating and motivating to ensure a better future. Mostly, the kind of inventions we have, it appears that our kids’ lives will be much easier than we had, but realistically, the far we have gone, the complex we have made the brought up.

However, things will not be the same 30 years from now. It is not just the technology but the attitudes which will make us decide how to raise our kids. But after 30 years, predictions are that the trends to keep your children abreast of the world will change.

Here will be the top 5 predictions how kids will be raised 3 decades from now.

Teaching Resilience and Patience

We are living in a very competitive world where peoples’ fate is connected to their ability to bounce back in case of failure from job or business. We have been raised in the age where jobs were easier to find and parents raised their kids by facilitating them to the fullest implying that they would have the smoother life ahead due to technology and inventions. However, the shrinking job market of today and the ever growing trend of education has increased the gap of graduates landing into good opportunities in corporations. Similarly, the more the businesses are coming, the more markets are saturating, and the more failures we have for finance and revenue generation for new ventures.

This age is tough, people fall multiple times before achieving a good status in life and it will be toughest 30 years from now. With highly automated industries and very few jobs, parents will tell their children to be more resilient. If they fall, what are the ways to get back without going down in dumps? They will also tell them why it is necessary to patiently work before they jump to a new idea. Hence patience and resilience will be two ways parents will raise their kids 30 years from now.

Learning to be compassionate

The corporations are going green and incorporating more CSR. So the next thing for coming generations is having the heart which thinks for others. People can raise their voices through various platforms. They will learn to be kind communicative and help each other out through greater connectivity.

As physical communities and turning into virtual communities, people of similar interest meet and they raise their voice for the greater cause. They will learn to help others and be with others through platforms like Social Media.

Technology Will Keep Children More Engaged

Undoubtedly, technology has made our lives much easier. Which is why the coming ages will have toys which will help parents to have a lot of time for themselves. Fisher price has predicted the invention of virtual toy rooms where the kid will play and will learn things out of activities themselves.

Moreover, even the classrooms of children have virtual boards and slates to write on and there will be the use of less physical mediums to facilitate early education.

Fisher Price also predicts that technology will even help to raise toddlers. There will be a monitoring system to see if they are awake and give you alerts for that. It will also tell us when they need feed or change their diapers. Parents no longer have to guess. Technology will tell them what they have to know.

Parents Will Stay at Home for Longer

A recent study shows that in coming years, parents will stay longer at home. It is quite contrary to the increasing trend of long hours in today’s job. However, a recent research also shows there has been an increase in telecommuting which has changed the dynamics of workplaces.

Also, as per an estimate, there is an 80% rise in telecommuting in the recent years which will also a people who are working from home will rise. If this trend continues, parents will stay longer at homes for their work. There is a chance of more flexibility to spend time with kids.

Next Generation of Communication: Telepathy

Nowadays you can know about your children via cell phone. You can call them any time to know where they are and what are they doing. Nowadays parents have cell phone monitoring apps which help them to remotely track their handsets to keep track of their activities. These monitoring apps help them to block apps, limit screen time and track locations.

Scientists have predicted that the next mode of communication will be telepathy where people will communicate with each other via thoughts. Mark Zuckerberg, the mastermind between Facebook, also believes that the next generation of communication will be telepathy.

These devices can replace monitoring apps as now parents can learn about their kids tracking their thoughts. This can give rise to a number of safety issues like if your child communicates a stranger or sends inappropriate messages to his/her friends.

Moreover, we cannot relate our situations with coming generations. They are being raised in a different world and they will raise their children very different to us. Which is why we cannot impose the way we are living on them.

However, these are all predictions which are subject to change. No matter, how the things will turn out in future we as parents should make our children adapt to new situations so they grow up as a well-prepared individual of the society. That is why we believe always converse to your child about technology, new things and where the world is going.